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Distant Healing


Healing from a distance is one of the most fascinating aspects of the healers work. It’s also one of the most mysterious and intriguing. It’s so often the one people want to hear about most, but it’s probably the aspect we can talk about least. It’s most certainly poorly understood. So what is it, and how on earth does it work ?

Obviously, it is the theory that a healing response can be stimulated from a distance. What sort of distance ? In my experience, the distance is unimportant. It can be five metres, or five thousand kilometres. We tend to focus on the distance as being the important aspect of the process, when I am inclined to believe it’s probably the least important part of the encounter. We naturally fixate on figures, and the only figures available are those of the distance. If the distance had any significance, then healing over twenty kilometres would be easier than over two hundred kilometres, yet in reality, it makes no difference at all.

I must admit, it sounds far fetched. How is it possible to influence biological systems from a distance ? As the astrophysicist and scientific philosopher Sir Arthur Eddington once commented, when discussing the uncertainty principal in quantum physics in 1927:

“Something unknown is doing we don’t know what”

I’m not sure I believed in distance healing, when I first heard about it. It’s hard enough to accept hands-on healing, despite the enormous evidence for its effectiveness. But healing from a distance seems a step to far. Subsequently, and now knowing more about how the universe is constructed, and the nature of reality, I can see that there is no step too far. We are all connected. We are all part of the whole. Whether by quantum entanglement, or whether because we live in a holographic universe, we are all as one. So information exchange is instantaneous. However long the step might be, distance healing now makes perfect sense. And anyway, I know it works, because I have seen it, several thousand times.

My first experience with ‘distance’ healing was when I treated young Elliot, a three year old suffering with a very rare form of cancer. This is the little boy I discuss in the chapter on ego. Neuroblastoma is a horrible disease, with no known cure. Elliot had been diagnosed six months earlier, had undergone chemotherapy, but had subsequently relapsed, and been sent home from the hospital to die. His parents were desperate for help, if only to ease the pain of the tumours. When I drove up to see the family, I was quite frankly, unprepared for what I would find. Elliot was a very sick little boy, and the way the cancer had affected him was shocking. He hadn’t eaten for ten days, and was barely even taking water. He was extremely thin, and looked pale and drawn.

When I walked into the house, Elliot saw me as just another doctor, sent to poke and prod him. I think he was fed up with all the attention, and considering the constant pain, combined with being unable to eat, he’d just about had enough of strangers. He was only three years old, and children are apt to be a little fractious anyway, at that age. Considering everything he had suffered, it was only to be expected that he didn’t take kindly to sitting quietly, while I treated him. After some tears and upset, his mum decided to take him into the kitchen, while I sat another room, and tried to ‘send’ the healing to him. It might work, it might not. I was working on the principal that healing worked, whether I touched the patient, or whether I held my hands several centimetres from the body. Effectively, that is distant healing. Hands-off, rather than hands-on. So if it worked from a couple of centimetres, why not from several meters, through a wall ?

I focused my mind on Elliot, and imagined him in front of me. My hands started to tingle, and it almost felt as if I was actually touching Elliot. It seemed as though I was wearing hot mittens over my hands. It was quite a strange experience. There was a sense of me not quite ‘being there,’ and no longer being entirely in the room. I could hear Elliot, crying, from the kitchen, and as I switched ‘on’ the healing, he went quiet. Within seconds, he was asking his mum for a boiled egg, and from that point on, he was a completely different little boy, and his appetite, which had been non-existent for ten days, was fully returned.

At the time, I just assumed this effect was due to a ‘field’ of healing energy. It wasn’t especially impressive, because I had noticed many people in the vicinity of my work received healing, just by watching, when they weren’t the actual subject of the treatment. If the healing filled the room, why couldn’t it also fill the house ? Elliot had been some six metres from me, separated only by a brick wall, which seemed to be close enough to benefit. There was no placebo effect, as Elliot was only three years old, and was thoroughly fed up with any form of treatment or any medical people. He had no expectation, and no belief in my ability. I was just another doctor, and doctors had only ever given him more pain. His chemotherapy had made him terribly ill, and it was with sickness, not health, that he associated doctors. If the sudden reappearance of his appetite, after ten days, was a coincidence, then it was extremely lucky, coming at the precise moment I activated the healing switch. From that point on, he was also almost entirely free of pain, and needed minimal pain killers for the rest of his life. The effect was breathtaking.

Was that distant healing ? Or just a powerful healing field ? I don’t know for sure, but it was the start of my realisation that I didn’t need to be present for healing to be effective. If we think back to the chapter on healing energy, I think its very clear that space and time, being four dimensional, fully supports the notion of instantaneous information transfer, using energy, over enormous distances. In a four dimensional, holographic universe, there is no distance. In that case, healing from six metres, or sixty-million metres makes no difference. It happens.

Extract from Strong Medicine – The Handbook of Healing