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Strong Medicine – The Handbook

Following on from my autobiography, it made sense to write a handbook. If anything happens to me, my approach, methods and understanding of the healing process, both in its narrower human-centred sense, and from a wider perspective, will be recorded and will enable others to develop more effective models of healing in the future.

The title Strong Medicine comes from the name given me by a famous Navajo shaman, or Hatalii, several years ago. It refers less to the traditional sense of healing and medicine, and translates more closely to energy, reflecting the Native American energetic view of the universe, shared with most spiritual traditions. In Navajo culture, strong medicine can relate to healing, to wisdom, to good fortune on the battlefield, fertility, or just good luck. For myself, I was told it referred to the powerful energy and spirits around me, which gave me my healing ability. As we sat through the night in his Hooghan medicine lodge, eating Kneeldown bread and drinking Navajo tea, he told me about his ancestors, the Azee’tsoh, the Big Medicine People, from whom he had gained his great power. Still highly respected amongst his people, and even consulted by doctors, he told me the medicine was becoming weaker with his people. Many of the great Hatalii had died without passing on their knowledge, and he worried about the future, once the link to the past had been broken. It was tempting to stay, and learn from him, perhaps even becoming a Hatalii myself in time. But when we spoke, and I looked into his eyes, I could see the sum total of his ancestral line looking back at me. When he spoke, his ancestors were speaking through him. He was all the Hatalii at once, back to the original Hatalli.  The past weighed heavily, and I am sure I could never do justice to such an incredible legacy.

Some reviews of the final draft;

“It rates very highly. A very different approach. I am finding it interesting and informative, it is one of those books I will often ‘dip’ into.  I love the style in which you have written it. It is a refreshing change, so different from any other healing book. It will appeal to so many” 

Sheila M

2 thoughts on “Strong Medicine – The Handbook

  1. I’m looking forward to reading this, much love.

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