The Rogue Healer

The Man They Couldn't Kill. The Most Remarkable Story You've Never Heard

Rogue Healer – The Autobiography

At last. Its almost finished. Eighteen years in the making, and two years in the writing. I never had any intention of writing this book. I had no desire to record anything in print, and was reluctant to feed the ego in any way. So I made excuse after excuse. My dear friend Michael, author of over 300 books on a diverse range of subjects, was so keen for me to write down everything I knew about healing and energy work. Sadly, he didn’t live to see the day when my first book was published. I hope I do……….

Originally titled “The Man Who Lost His Life”, time moved on, and Rogue Healer became the obvious title, a badge of honour, after events between 2006-2010. The book tells the remarkable story of how a completely unremarkable person became a healer, and describes the good, the bad and the ugly along the path.

Some reviews of the final draft of Rogue Healer;

“I love it. It flows. It speaks. It captures. Great writing” !
Ian F
I thoroughly enjoyed it and was gripped the whole way through. It is moving, harrowing, poignant, inspirational, and stone hard proof that there is no such thing as a bad situation, that everything is as it should be! I found myself bound up in the story, it’s impossible to read it and remain emotionally uninvolved. It is written with compassion and love and I feel privileged to have some insight into your life’s events. The story clearly comes straight from your heart and sends a powerful positive message”
Mark W
“A beautifully crafted book, written with great sensitivity by a genuine healer with a remarkable talent.  A compelling and challenging read which can be disturbing and upsetting but incredibly thought provoking.   It tugs at the emotions as you read of what this kind, gentle and highly intelligent man has been forced to suffer.
This book can be life changing.  You displays an amazing breadth of spiritual awareness and an astonishing ability to forgive and learn”
Sheila M
“Thank you for sharing your book with me. What strikes me the most is how, despite going through so much you remain strong, pure, unscathed, trusting, compassionate to those who insanely wronged you. And despite having this mind blowing gift, you remain egoless & generous. You, sir, are a rare find. A truly beautiful soul. Methinks you have Spartan & Buddha blood in your veins.
Rogue Healer is definitely shocking but it’s also very moving. I’ve been through a similar hell the last three years & your words hold gravely important & profound truths that inspire & motivate me. Thank you for that 
People need to read your book! I know it would help others as well.
I love & respect your honesty, your innocence, your purity. You’ve allowed no obstacle in your life, no person, no pain, to change your morals & phenomenal qualities you posess. You’re so genuine & I find that truly refreshing. Never change! You’re wonderful”
Gabrielle B.
“Your book flows and is a real page-turner, I wanted to know more as the book unfolded.  Some of the healing stories made me smile so much and filled my heart with joy and wonder.  That a little 3 year old could teach everyone around him so much, including yourself, is wonderful.  The stories about the horses you have treated as well are also amazing.  You remain humble throughout and are in awe of your own abilities – a truly rare commodity these days.
Your passion for what you does and your compassion are tangible throughout the book.  You are extraordinarily dedicated to helping others and your journey through the darkness of the stalker has only strengthened you – I think others would have caved in, but you has shone through your adversity.  This is definitely a book worth reading and sharing with others”
Susie J
“It reads very well, you write lucidly, are learned and wise and this is a story that you needed to tell and you have shone the light of  truth on a very dark individual. I believe writing is therapeutic and hope that your writing has been healing for you. It is always fascinating to know how someone gets into healing and your story is intriguing but possibly inevitable as it is obviously a family gift?  I recently read another healer’s autobiography and have to say he came across as an egocentric, deeply troubled man which you do not, you are humble, wise and truthful”

Beth S
“It reads very well and flows easily. Enjoyed it very much. It would make a great film. Love the stories about the healing of horses. Wow” !
June R.

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