The Rogue Healer

The Man They Couldn't Kill. The Most Remarkable Story You've Never Heard

Peach Blossom Warrior – Fighting our Battles with Wisdom and Compassion

Nature. The ultimate Peach Blossom warrior.

Nature – the ultimate Peach Blossom warrior.

Our responses to the challenges we face in life tell the story of how we view the world, and our place within it. We can respond with aggression, with ego and with negativity, or with positivity, compassion and love. Named after the Peach Blossom sages of Pre-Dynastic China, Peach Blossom Warrior teaches the way of wisdom and understanding, using compassion and kindness as the path to fulfilment. Using conversations with students, practical examples and exercises, it takes us through the battlefields of life, and safely out the other side.

No students or animals were harmed during the writing of this book.

Due to be finished Autumn 2013. I’ll post extracts here, for comment and constructive criticism.

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