The Rogue Healer

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Healing Washes Whiter

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I received this lovely quote from a client, written after receiving a course of treatment, intended to heal a series of emotional issues, involving jealousy, anger and self-loathing. 

“Its a shame you can’t show people your soul before and after healing ! You know, like in the Persil adverts. Just to show how different things are, before and after, on the inside”

Over several months, a lifetime of problems were healed. The healing, as it took effect, facilitated other healing options too. After half a dozen healing sessions, she felt empowered enough to seek out Qigong, meditation, and various other paths. Together, they all created a new ‘whole’, or rather they recreated the old ‘whole’, before things went wrong. 

Healing has no limits, other than those we create. Anything is possible. Potential is infinite.



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