The Rogue Healer

The Man They Couldn't Kill. The Most Remarkable Story You've Never Heard

You are a Healer. You just didn’t know it…..or did you ?

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Everyone has healing ability. 

You can heal. Your parents can heal. Your children can heal. Everyone you know has a healing ability. Sceptic and believer alike. It’s a natural and simple process. As natural as sleeping and eating. I’ve never yet met anyone who couldn’t heal, although I’ve met many who didn’t believe it was possible, until they experienced it. It’s such a natural process that many have been healing all their lives without even consciously realising it. At the end of a workshop or course, everyone has gone away able to feel energy, able to make it move according to intention, and left with a profound new sense of their energetic abilities. I’ve taught skeptics and I’ve taught medical professionals. Scientists and engineers. It makes no difference at all. Everyone can heal. 


Healers have been their own worst enemies for too long. They have been too willing to set themselves apart, set themselves on a pedestal and feed the ego. The church too, has been complicit in this process, misappropriating healing as a gift from god, ascribing healers with a supernatural gift interpreted only within a Christian framework. Claiming special powers or unique abilities does nobody any favours. Healing is a special power only so far as being a mechanic or a bricklayer is a special power. Fixing a car or building a wall involves a range of skills. These skills are learnt and taught, usually based upon a certain natural predisposition. Over time, application and practice will perfect those skills. But anyone can learn them. 


It’s the same with healing. Yes, it’s a talent, and if you have a particular talent for healing, you are very lucky. But does it have any greater worth than repairing cars or building walls ? Is it more or less valuable than having a talent for playing the piano, riding a bicycle or kicking a football ? Any value is subjective, depending on your viewpoint. We can all heal, just as we can all kick a football. Many would question the money paid to professional footballers, but not that paid to a successful artist or a famous author. We make value judgements based on our own prejudices, from our own life experience. Many see football as just a game, bringing no real value to society. Others see it as a valuable art form in its own right, as well as a business, justifying the high wages. All value judgements based on our own subjective views. Society pays nurses a fraction of what it pays footballers. Those caring for the sick at home, carers, are often paid a pittance. Human value, value to society and financial value are rarely, if ever in sync with each other. 



If you are reading this book, you are probably more interested in healing than kicking a ball, so perhaps this is where your talent will lie. We tend to develop the skills we are interested in. We also develop the abilities we become aware of; if we never try, we never know. There are many great footballers walking the streets who’ve never kicked a ball in their lives. Their talent will remain unexplored. Likewise, there are many great healers who will never know it, having never had the chance to experiment with it. 


Often, at the start of a course, participants will express doubt that they have any healing ability. They are present through hope, rather than belief. You may be thinking exactly the same as you read these words. The refrain usually runs along the lines of “Surely if I had any healing ability, I would know already ?” Well, that really makes no sense. I was 27 years old before I discovered my ability, and even then, I was told about it, rather than discovering it for myself. Prior to that, I had no idea, and certainly no desire to get involved in healing activity. Unless you are very lucky, as I was, why would you ever find it unless you went specifically looking for it ? For myself, it’s easy with the benefit of hindsight, to look back and see events which pointed to some sort of healing ‘gift’. Sick animals would always come to me, seeking me out relentlessly and determinedly. Wild birds would land on me, showing no fear. Nobody ever gave this a second thought. Why should they ? It was just how I was, and it was what I did. As I got older, I started to attract damaged and disturbed individuals to me, in addition to the steady stream of sick animals. I now recognise this as a common factor in the development of any healer. I’ve heard about it so many times. Those most desperately in need of healing, humans as well as animals, will recognise the ability, intuitively and subconsciously, and gravitate towards that person. For me, it was confusing, for them, they were unable to stop themselves, driven by the subconscious urge to ease whatever pain they were suffering. 


There is nothing special about healing ability. There is nothing special about the healer either. What is far more special is the desire to use that ability for the greater good. To use a healing ‘gift’ wisely, ethically and morally, and to use it freely and to the best of one’s ability, whatever obstacles are placed in ones path, is the real talent of the healer. The ability to move beyond the ego is perhaps the greatest gift the healer can possess.  When I teach healing, I don’t need to create the gift. It’s already there. I need to create the desire to heal, and waken the potential to heal, just as it was created and awoken in myself. 


Extract from Strong Medicine – The Handbook of Healing 

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