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One heart at a time………

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Balloon Girl - Banksy

Balloon Girl – Banksy


So, I’ve just seen little Stella. Three months old, and a wonderful little girl. She was born with a severe gastric reflux and a hole in her heart. Her mother brought her to me, hoping for any improvement at all. The reflux meant she was constantly sick, and she burped continuously, 24/7.

After the first healing session, the burping stopped, immediately. She didn’t burp again for ten days, then it returned, but in a milder version, along with just a little sickness, which had also stopped immediately after the session. Another healing session, two weeks after the first, and the burping stopped completely. The sickness too. The reflux seems to have mysteriously vanished. In between her second and third treatments, a scheduled scan has revealed the hole in the heart is all but gone. Quite a surprise to the doctors.

So two treatments seems to have healed both the reflux and the heart problem. The third one has hopefully finished the job. The response was immediate and instantaneous. Simple and effective.

I wonder what went through Stella’s mind, at three months, as she watched me healing her ? What was she thinking ? She seemed to enjoy it, staring at me, and smiling, sitting in her mothers arms. What will she know of it later ?

When she is older, what she she be told ? Will she know she received healing ? Will it change her, in deeper ways ? Will she have a different view of the world, having had healing at such a formative time ?

I often wonder how their little lives turn out, as I send them on their path. In my own small way, I have made a difference. It may only be slight, but when I am gone, some goodness will remain, and live on in others. Surely thats all any of us can hope for ? A smile that makes someone’s day ? A kind deed ? A gentle word ? Anything we can do to change the world, no matter how small, makes a difference and is never wasted.

The revolution, when it happens, will take place one heart at a time. One kind word at a time.

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