The Rogue Healer

The Man They Couldn't Kill. The Most Remarkable Story You've Never Heard

Why aren’t you more like me ?…….Why are you more like you ?

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We all spring from divinity – We all want love

Everyone projects themselves onto everyone else. But projection isn’t real. It’s like expecting everyone you meet to love celery or hate vodka. Or like Sinatra and hate disco. Occasionally they’ll be right. Usually they are wrong. So people expect you to be like them. And when you aren’t, it means you must be the opposite. Projection runs hand in hand with judgement. You are judged by how you compare. Like me ? Good judgement. Unlike me ? Bad judgement. Like projection, judgement is unreal. Mere ego projection to protect is from the reality that we are all completely different. And the deeper truth that we are all exactly the same.

So when you judge someone, or when you are disappointed they aren’t more like you, or they aren’t more like the projection you so kindly wrapped them in, remember, they are just like you. They are you.

Only the ego creates separation and differences. We are all one.

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